Hand hygiene,particulary hand sanitizing,is essential in reducing infectious disease transmission.The recent outbreak of covid 19 the world over increased public awareness of the practice of hand sanitizing.

Hand Sanitizer Gel and Hand Sanitizer Liquid Stock Available

Hand sanitizer must at least have 60%-70% alcohol content to be able to kill micro bacteria or germs in your hands.

Expects agree that the more alcohol in the hand sanitizer,the more effective it will be at reducing germs.


Alcohol fights off bacteria through a process called denaturation,which is a fancy wayof saying the bacterium is altered from its original state.Say you have a germ on your hand that could cause flu.The alcohol in your sanitizer will change that germ chemical makeup before it can do any real damage.

This is why it is important to be picky with which sanitizer you choose.You want to go with something that contains alcohol.Even if your sanitizer smells delicious vanilla cupcake,its not going to fight off those germs.




Hand Sanitizer & Personal Protective wear

We supply medical protective wear such as 50 gsm coveralls.washable coveralls and gowns.

We also have non contact thermometer and face shield. 

Due to limited stock preference will be given to medical practitioners and public health sector.

We also supply bulk hand sanitisers  in 50ml,100ml,200ml,330ml,500ml,1L and 25L containers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a sanitizer that contains 60% to 95% alcohol when handwashing is not available.


The effectiveness of hand sanitizer depends on multiple factors,including the manner in which the product is applied(e.g quantity used,duration of exposure,frequency of use) and whether the specific infectious agents present on the person's hands are susceptible to the active ingredient in the product.In general alcohol based hand sanitizer,if rubbed thoroughly over fingers and hand surfaces for a period of 30 seconds,followed by complete air drying,can effectively reduce populations of bacteria,fingi and some enveloped viruses.Despite the variability in effectiveness,hand sanitizer canhelp control the transmission of infectious diseases,especially in settings where compliance with hand washing is poor.

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DipCleansePro Floor and Surface Cleaner Anti bacterial disinfectant.

Antibacterial Disinfectant Cleaner

For deep cleaning and it kills 99.9% household germs.

It removes stubborn dirt, grime and kills 99.9% household germs.

It is widely used for commercial cleaning to disinfectant the working areas from germs.It can be used for domestic use on floors and kitchen tops.

Dilution ratio is 1:10 to water.Always wear gloves when using DipCleansePro disinfectant.

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